Hey, my name is Đorđe and I’m a graphic designer. 

Having been born in a country of vast cultural diversity such as Serbia, in a vibrant and scenic city of Belgrade, I was always drawn to the visual. This helped me to realize what excites me and drives me forward and I’ve started to learn about graphic design. Soon after I was certain that this is what I needed to do in my life.

After years of working in big, domestic and foreign marketing agencies and design studios in Serbia, I’ve realized that the only way to stay true to myself and to my design is to be free of any corporate structure. I’ve started to work as a freelance designer so I can continue and pursue my art through design projects, freely and without compromise.

I never wanted to restrain myself to working in one field of graphic design, so I’ve tried to make my work versatile and try different things. This helped me to look at design as a passion and not just work. It also made me expand my creativity and master different design styles and techniques.

Innovation, freshness, boldness and out of box thinking is something that I value in design and that is exactly what I tend to bring into every project that I do. So if you think that we can work together please contact me.

Thank you

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