Rising Tide Blues Album Art

Rising Tide Blues

I’m always happy and eager to be a part of a project that not only has a product or artistic value, but also sends an important message. For this project Teddy Garcia had an important message that he chose to send the only way he knew, through his music. It was the message of global warming and changes that it makes to our planet. It was clear to me that the message that he wanted to send has to be represented in this design as plain and straight forward as possible. This is why I chose the iceberg sinking in the ocean as main element alongside the artists signature guitar. The transition between two elements and the bright color of the sun in the back complimented the design and gave it that final touch.

The message of this project was loud, clear and very important. It was imperative to make a design that could convey this message as precise as possible and I believe that I’ve managed to do just that.