The project I’m most proud of and definitely one of the most satisfying one I’ve ever done. This was all because of the great communication with the founder of Darkrose Studios Morgan Rosenblum with who I worked with closely on this project and my love for the graphic novel world. When I’ve met Morgan for the first time, he said to me that he is making the new DC Universe and that his TV show is going to be the next Walking Dead. That was the passion and the ambition that I could relate to. I saw the opportunity to be a part of a bold project that had a lot of potential and that is something I never pass on. The project was to make a unique set of poster art representing every character from the franchise.

I was determent to stay true to the art and style of the graphic novels which were the heart and soul of the project. This is why I used a mixture of water color against a subtle pencil lines to make it a true piece of art and not just another generated poster. It needed to be something different, memorable and to bring every character closer to the fans. In the end, I’m proud to say that the result was very satisfying both for me and the client which lead to them being showcased as an official Treadwater merchandise at the 2016 Comic-Con Convention.