Return of The Jedi 80s style

Being a big Star Wars fan, I always wanted to create something memorable and everlasting to commemorate this magnificent franchise. After much deliberating I’ve decide on a simple poster art, something that I can call my own, to hang on the wall and be proud of. The idea was to make an homage to the poster art style of the 80s, which was the year of the movies premiere. With a clean and minimalist look, I’ve used the iconic figure of Darth Vader as the pivotal element in the design, which is something that every true Star Wars fan can relate to.

Since this was a very personal project for me I’ve tried to stay true to the design style that best represents my character and overall aesthetic touch. It also needed to appeal to the artistic style of the 80s and do justice to one of the greatest movie franchises ever made. I’m proud to say that it still hangs at a special place on my home wall, which proves that I’ve managed to do just that.