Wolverine Moleskin Notebook Design

Wolverine Moleskin

This was a custom design project asked by a client to be printed via Scout Books. It was an absolute joy to be a part of a project consisting of a collaboration between such grand companies like Marvel Comics and Moleskin. With Marvel comics being something I grew up with, it is always a fantastic experience to be able to use the elements from the franchise in my design. The project was to make a unique merchandise using one of the characters as the inspiration. I chose the iconic Wolverine because of its looks and the usage of black and yellow that is a perfect color combination for a slick and contemporary design.

I didn’t want to over complicate things. Since this was a project for the fans of the franchise I wanted to give them what they want and that is a design that centers around this iconic character. With scratches all over the cover, I’ve used the well known Wolverine signature claw mark to reveal the stylized face of the hero. The design had a bold, dark and sinister like look which complimented the character perfectly.